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ETIP SNET Governance


In order to have a wide representation of stakeholders and offer agile and efficient operation, the ETIP SNET platform is organised as follows:

– The Governing Board steers the platform where stakeholder associations send representatives

Working Groups are open for experts to participate and provide input to the Governing Board

– A National Stakeholders Coordination Group to liaise with various national actors.


The ETIP gathers a wide range of stakeholders which are to contribute to the Energy Transition:


Transmission System Operators (TSOs)

Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

National representatives

Research & Academia

Storage (technology and services providers)

Consumers (aggregated and not aggregated)

Thermal Generation (flexible)

Information and Communication Technology & Network providers

Equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Renewable Energy Sources Generation

Interface to Other Energy Carriers (Heat, Transport, Gas, …)

* Participation on an ah hoc basis

Governing Board

The current Governing Board is composed of the following representatives:


Konstantin Staschus, ENTSO-E
Guido Guida, ENTSO-E
Mart van der Meijden, ENTSO-E
Uros Salobir, ENTSO-E

Nikos Hatziargyriou, EDSO For Smart Grids
Martin Walther, CEDEC
Venizelos Efthymiou, EURELECTRIC
1 pending representative to be appointed

Member States
Michael Hübner, Austrian Ministry
Karl Waninger, German Federal Ministry

Research & Academia
Luciano Martini, EERA
Johan Driesen, EUA – EPUE
Werner Friedl, EUREC

Storage (technology and services providers)
Eliano Russo, EASE
Francesco Gattiglio, EUROBAT
Ralf Grether, HEA

Consumers (aggregated and not aggregated)
Jessica Strombäck, SMARTEN
2 pending representatives to be appointed

Thermal Generation (flexible)
Emmanouil Kakaras, Energy Technologies Europe
Sebastiaan Bleuanus, COGEN & EUGINE
Michael Ladwig, EUTurbines
Rob Versteirt, ETN

ICT & Network solutions providers
Maher Chebbo, ESMIG
2 pending representatives to be appointed

Equipment Manufacturers & suppliers
Laurent Keromnes, Europacable
Sigrid Linher, Orgalime
Jochen Kreusel, T&D Europe

Renewable Energy Sources
Pierre-Jean Alet, ETIP Photovoltaics
Javier Urchueguia , ETIP RES Heating and Cooling
Aidan Cronin, ETIP Wind

Sector Interface (Heat, Transport, Gas,…)
Alessandro Provaggi, Euro Heat & Power
Jesse Scott, EUROGAS
Marieke Reijalt, European Hydrogen Association

Executive Committee


Chairman: Guido Guida, ENTSO-E 


  • Nikos Hatziargyriou, EDSO For Smart Grids
  • Eliano Russo, EASE
  • Antonio Iliceto, WG1 Chair
  • Michael Hübner, WG6 Chair

WG1 Chair: Gareth Bissell, Enel
WG2 Chair: Yves Schlumberger, EDF
WG3 Chair: Alexander Widermann, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
WG4 Chair: Miguel Sanchez Fornie, Comillas University
WG5 Chair: Venizelos Efthymiou, University of Cyprus – EURELECTRIC
National Stakeholders Coordination Group: Michael Hübner, Austrian Ministry

Terms of Reference