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National Stakeholders Coordination Group

The National Stakeholder Coordination Group (NSCG) provides a sounding board and exchange platform for national R&I stakeholders in the area of energy systems and networks. Its purpose and goal is to support the implementation of SET-Plan Action 4 on Integrated and Flexible Energy Systems. It enables national stakeholders to contribute actively and in a coordinated way to the SET-Plan goals by:

  • Exchanging information on activities in member states
  • Transferring information and knowledge forth and back between the stakeholders on national and regional level and the expert Working Groups of ETIP SNET
  • Reflecting and commenting on, from a national stakeholders perspective, the outcomes of the expert Working Groups of ETIP SNET
  • Providing a platform for ETIP SNET to find partners and experts from a national level that are ready to contribute to the ETIP activities, working groups and projects
  • Transferring information and knowledge forth and back between the Temporary Working Group on Action 4 in the SET-Plan Steering Group and the stakeholders on national level
  • Building a link to the members of the Set-Plan Steering Group and the Energy Programme Committee

Thus the National Stakeholders Coordination Group will increase and broaden the impact of the ETIP SNET activities. The NSCG is organised by member states, supported by ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus. Additionally it is facilitated by the European Commission and ETIP SNET.

Please download the full Terms of Reference here.


Michele De Nigris RSE


Fernando   Garcia Martinez UFD
Michael Hübner bmvit-Austria