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Wednesday. 27 June 2018

ETIP SNET paves the way towards low-carbon pan-European integrated energy systems by 2050

Vision 2050 goes beyond prior smart grid innovation visions through its clear low-carbon commitment in line with the Governance Regulation of the EU clean energy package. This holistic view will drive integration of electricity, gas, heating/cooling and mobility systems and markets, with smart and strong electricity networks at the centre.  On 27 June at the Square […]

Thursday. 21 June 2018

The Energy Union gets simplified, robust and transparent governance: Commission welcomes ambitious agreement

An ambitious political agreement on the governance of the Energy Union was reached today between negotiators from the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council. With today’s deal the Member States of the European Union will be equipped to govern the Energy Union – this common project aimed at ensuring that all Europeans have access […]

Monday. 18 June 2018

New ETIP SNET 2018 Regional Workshops dates announced!

The ETIP SNET 2018 regional workshops are scheduled as follows:  South-Eastern region: 19-20 September – Zagreb, Croatia. Northern region: 3-4 October – Helsinki, Finland. Central region: 11-12 October – Brussels, Belgium. Western region: 21-22 November – Madrid, Spain. Registration will open soon, please check the Regional Workshops webpage, Twitter feed, join our Linkedin group and subscribe […]

Thursday. 14 June 2018

Europe leads the global clean energy transition

The European Commission welcomes ambitious agreement on further renewable energy development in the EU Strasbourg, 14 June 2018 An ambitious political agreement on increasing renewable energy use in Europe was reached today between negotiators from the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council. Today’s deal means that two out of the 8 legislative proposals in […]

Friday. 01 June 2018

Announcing Vision 2050 by ETIP SNET

Key energy stakeholders advance a more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly European energy system by 2050 On 27 June 2018 at the Square in Brussels, the European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) will present its Vision 2050 for: A low-carbon, secure, reliable, resilient, accessible, cost-efficient, and market-based pan-European integrated […]

Sunday. 27 May 2018

What would you ask to the leaders of the EU energy transition? 

Calling all Energy Consumers: ask a question to the energy leaders involved in ETIP SNET Vision 2050! ETIP SNET is a European initiative that gathers a large number of experts from around Europe whose role is to help define the future innovations and technological developments required to go towards an energy system with a growing share […]

Monday. 07 May 2018

ETIP SNET Vision 2050 to be released on the 27th June 2018

On June 27, ETIP SNET will release its new “2050 Vision on Europe’s Smart Networks Integration for the Energy Transition” in a high-level launch event in Brussels. Major energy sector stakeholders and policy makers are due to congregate at The Square Brussels to launch “Europe’s Vision on Smart Networks Integration for the Energy Transition – Serving […]

Monday. 07 May 2018


ETIP SNET Chairman Nikos Hatziargyriou shall be speaking at the “Europe’s Vision for the Energy System of the Future” policy session and Vice-Chair Konstantin Staschus shall be opening the “DecarbEurope Forum” during this year’s European Sustainable Energy Week. On the 4th of June at 15:00, ETIP SNET Vice Chair, Konstantin Staschus will provide opening remarks at the […]

Friday. 04 May 2018

Two new co-chairs selected for ETIP SNET Working Groups 2 and 3. ETIP SNET looking for specific expertise

New co-chairs for WG2 and WG3 were approved at ETIP SNET’s last Governing Board meeting on the 3rd of May 2018. ETIP SNET WGs are also looking for specific expert profiles, see if you match. Cristina Gomez from ENTSO-E and Miguel Garagorri from Iberdrola join ETIP SNET Working Group 2 and Working Group 3 respectively. […]

Friday. 27 April 2018

BRIDGE Newsletter April 2018 now available!

The BRIDGE support team is glad to announce the publication of its fifth newsletter in April 2018. To learn more about the projects participating in BRIDGE download it here