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Monday. 27 July 2020

Three new ETIP SNET “Energy Stories” on energy transition projects released!

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) is continuing its series of short stories on successful energy transition technologies to inform citizens and facilitate their involvement in the European energy system of the future, with 3 new stories on the Interflex, Tilos and SmartNet projects. A rapid transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable and […]

Sunday. 26 July 2020

Register for the “ETIP SNET Journey 2016-2023: Past and upcoming challenges supporting European Energy System Transition Strategies” Virtual Workshop

On the 23rd of September the ETIP SNET and BRIDGE Initiatives will be hosting a webinar to present their main achievements of the last Four years and show the action plan for the years 2020-2023. New upcoming challenges are ahead and ETIP SNET  and BRIDGE Experts look forward to give you their perspectives on the challenges […]

Thursday. 16 July 2020

ETIP SNET and ISGAN launch questionnaire on Regulatory Experimenting & Regulatory Sandboxes

As part of their commitment to raise awareness of the innovation needs of the energy system and help foster collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst their stakeholders,  ETIP SNET (lead by the NCSG) and ISGAN annex 7 invite sector stakeholders to take part in a collaborative action on Experimental Sandboxes. When developing new solutions for tackling the climate […]

Friday. 10 July 2020

ETIP SNET R&I Roadmap 2020 – 2030: UPDATE RELEASED!

 ETIP SNET shares the updated and final version of its mid-term key Research and Innovation priorities. Overall the roadmap estimates that 4 billion euros of investments are needed over the next 10 years to enable the transition towards a reliable and sustainable European electricity system with very high shares of renewables. Originally released in January, […]

Thursday. 09 July 2020

ETIP SNET and ISGAN join forces to promote the energy transition

ETIP SNET and ISGAN sign a MoU to cooperate on common fields of research and innovation areas related to smarter, cleaner electricity grids around the world. On 7th July, the European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) and the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to […]

Wednesday. 24 June 2020

EERA Summer Strategy Meeting 2020 Strengthening your participation in EU Clean Energy Transition

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA aisbl), the largest energy research community in Europe with 250 public research centers and universities, is organizing its yearly get-together: the Summer Strategy Meeting 2020. EERA plays an important role in catalyzing European energy research within the objectives defined in the SET-Plan, an EU initiative that fosters research and […]

Wednesday. 10 June 2020

Watch the ETIP SNET webinar on “Sector Coupling – concepts, potentials and barriers”

The ETIP SNET Working Group 1 on Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid system held the webinar  “Sector Coupling  –  concepts, potentials and barriers” on the 24th June 2020 at 10.30 – 12.00. Registration is free! Contents: A comprehensive overview on concepts & definitions setting an overarching frame for assessing sector coupling initiatives An unbiased description […]

Tuesday. 09 June 2020

Watch the ETIP SNET webinar on “Storage, Technology, Markets and Economics”

The ETIP SNET Working Group 2 on Storage technologies and sector interfaces  in cooperation with the ETIP Batteries Working Group 6 on Application and integration: Stationary hosted the webinar  “Storage, Technology, Markets and Economics” on the 22nd of June 2020.     On the program: -Introduction by Yves Schlumberger, ETIP SNET Board member and WG2 Chair, EDF […]

Tuesday. 02 June 2020

Watch the ETIP SNET webinar on “Flexible generation in a low-carbon RES dominated energy system”

The ETIP SNET Working Group 3 on flexible generation hosted the webinar  “Flexible generation in a low-carbon RES dominated energy system” on the 30th June 2020  Contents: ETIP SNET Vision 2050 is the basis for defining the specifications for further research and innovation needs in the transition from today towards Europe’s energy systems of the […]

Wednesday. 20 May 2020

ETIP SNET stakeholders invited to contribute to the European Database on Research Infrastructure

The ETIP SNET Working Group on Innovation implementation in the business environment is working on the development and implementation of the Database on the Distributed Energy Resources and  Smart Grid Research Infrastructure. In the frame of the ETIP SNET Working Group on Innovation implementation in the business environment, a dedicated Working Team on Research Infrastructure […]