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Europe’s energy challenge

The EU's Energy Union strategy is built on 5 dimensions:

Security, solidarity and trust to allow diversifying Europe's sources of energy and ensuring energy security through solidarity and cooperation between Member States.

The full integration of the internal energy market to enable a free flow of energy throughout the EU.

Energy efficiency to reduce our dependence on energy imports, reduce emissions and drive jobs and growth.

Decarbonising the economy to cut greenhouse gas emissions and make the EU world leader in renewables.

Research, innovation and competitiveness to support breakthroughs in low-carbon and clean energy technologies by prioritising research and innovation to drive the transition of the energy system and improve competitiveness.

Europe’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan):

· Brings an answer to the 5th dimension of the Energy Union.

· Has 10 Key Actions identified in September 2015 that address the whole innovation chain, from basic research to market uptake.

ETIP SNET will support in particular the Key Action n°4 “Increase the resilience, security and smartness of the energy system” that addresses the technical challenges raised by the transformation of the energy system.

Learn more about the SET Plan here: