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Monday. 22 February 2021

Decarbonising Industry and Enterprises

The Workshop for the EnR members organized by the EnR Industry & Enterprises Working Group held several fruitful discussions on the decarbonisation of the Industry and Service sectors.

The Industry and Service sectors represent more than 39% of the EU’s final energy consumption, equivalent to about one fifth of the EU’s total Greenhouse Gas emissions. European industries have made important progress to improve their energy efficiency and switching to low carbon energy sources; however, opportunities for saving energy remain in most enterprises. In March 2020, the New Industrial Strategy outlined how Europe will become greener, more circular and more digital while remaining competitive on the global stage. The Strategy proposes a comprehensive set of future actions to transform industry along with to support SMEs to be part of the low carbon transition. Within this context, both Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency will continue playing a leading role.

The workshop aimed to inform the participants (members of National Energy Agencies) on the current path towards a 2050 decarbonised industry as well as providing the members with an overview of the main results from the European and international initiatives. During the workshop the LEAP4SME initiative was launched, an institutional programme supported by EnR, Medener and several Ministries to help the European Countries in building effective and resilient policies for SMEs.

From EnR, Barto Piersma (RVO, EnR Presidency) welcomed the participants and Enrico Biele (ENEA, EnR IWG Chair) introduced and moderated the meeting. The floor passed to:

  • Wouter Nijs from the Joint Research Centre, who presented the study “Towards net-zero emissions in the EU energy system by 2050” with a specific focus on industry and power sectors.
  • Oronzo Daloiso, EASME, with a presentation on “The role of H2020 in promoting the development and implementation of energy efficiency measures in the industry and services sectors”.
  • Hannes Mac Nulty from the UNIDO IWG and UNECE IEE task force, who presented “The Business Case for Decarbonisation”.
  • Carlos Herce, ETIP SNET (ENEA), who presented the main findings from the WG3 report “Flexible power generation in a decarbonised Europe”,

Two EnR IWG National Agencies concluded the meeting exploring the topic of the water-energy nexus (Pedro Cardoso ADENE – Portugal) and presenting Industry-related initiatives in the Recovery plan to tackle the impact of the covid-19 outbreak (E. Mari, F. Villard ADEME – France).


About EnR

EnR is a voluntary network currently numbering 26 national European energy agencies. They mainly have responsibility for the planning, management or review of national research, development, demonstration or dissemination programmes in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change abatement. The EnR Industry & Enterprises Working group works specifically to support the work of its member agencies (19) within the fields of energy efficiency, policy implementation and competitiveness in industry and Enterprises. The work is aligned with the main goals of the new EC Industrial Strategy for a globally competitive, green and digital Europe.



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