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Friday. 09 March 2018

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus evolves into ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems

Joint Programming Platform on Smart Energy Systems (ERA-Net SES)

ERA-Net has announced the launch of the new Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (ERA-Net SES).

ERA-Net SES is a network of owners and managers of national and regional public funding programs in the field of research, technical development and demonstration. With ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems they provide a sustainable and service oriented joint programming platform to initiate and finance transnational RDD projects, developing technologies and solutions in thematic areas like Smart Power Grids, Regional and Local Energy Systems, Heating and Cooling Networks, Digital Energy and Smart Services. ERA-Net SES entails their existing focus initiative Smart Grids Plus (SG+) and their latest focus initiative Integrated Regional Energy Systems (RegSys).

ERA-Net SES is the successor of ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus, that has provided over the last three years more than 60 Mio Euro of funding to transnational Smart Grids Projects. In the coming years it will launch yearly joint calls for RDI projects and expand the Knowledge Community of already more than 500 experts, organising the learning in Smart Energy Systems from a regional and local level up to the international knowledge base.

First Joint Call on Integrated Regional Energy Systems
ERA-Net SES will launch its first Call for RDI projects on Integrated Regional Energy Systems at the Nordic Clean Energy Week in Malmö/Copenhagen, taking place between 21st and 25th of May, 2018. At the launch event we will provide first-hand information on desirable projects and offer an open space café for exchange and networking. Many more opportunities to get to know and connect to our initiative will be offered at the Nordic Clean Energy Week – find more information on their website and save the date!

Together with ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems their new Website has been launched entailing the latest information about their initiative, partners, knowledge community, (open) calls, news and events, and projects. Please have a look:! The ERA-Net SES website replaces the previous ERA-Net SG+ website and comprises all previous information and beyond that much more information, including our new focus initiative RegSys.

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