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Advance dispatching & LoadForecast : Accurate forecasting facilitates more clean energy

Advance dispatching & LoadForecast assist the system operators to make more accurate decisions, which enables to integrate more renewables into the Italian system and improves security of supply

From the dawn of mankind to our modern era there is one constant goal humans try to achieve: the ability to predict the future. Though according to the law of physics as we know today, to predict perfectly what is going to happen is impossible, a few thousand people in the world put their best effort day by day to do so. What makes their job a little bit easier is that they only have to focus on future electricity consumption – as they are called the system operators.

In order to make their work more efficient however they don’t turn to tea leaves, oracle bones or the observation of birds like our ancestors, but rather to artificial intelligence.


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Project Benefits

  • Improved network management
  • Decreased carbon emissions
  • Decreased network costs


Keywords: system operation, load forecasting, artificial intelligence

More info at: Advance Dispatching & LoadForecast