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DYNAMO: How to optimize the energy system with a flexible approach

The DYNAMO Flexmarket project seeks to stimulate a flexible consumption among customers to help solve congestion in the grid

In order to limit the rise in global temperatures our societies must decarbonise and bring harmful emissions to a minimum. Huge amounts of renewable energy have therefore been installed all over Europe, from large scale windfarm and solar photovoltaic fields, to solar roofs turning households into prosumers. While the prosumers are good news for the energy transition, much can still be done to ensure optimal use of the energy they produce. The problem is that the production from the solar roofs results highest during the day while the average household demand peaks in the evening during weekdays, i.e. after finishing school and work. The excess energy from the prosumers is sent into the grid, where it risks producing congestion if the supply is very high. When the prosumers consumption exceeds its generation i.e. in the evening, energy is sent from larger renewable energy installation, or if not available from less clean sources.


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Project Benefits

  • Minimizing of congestions in the grid
  • Better use of the generated renewable energy
  • Reduction of risk of power outages
  • Creation of value for all parties

Keywords: Flexibility market, smart grids, demand response, USEF

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