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ENERGISE: promoting active energy citizenship

The ENERGISE project identifies cultural change as a key ingredient for a successful energy transition and promotes changing practices for a more sustainable pattern of energy consumption.

Each and every one of us has an impact on the stream of energy that feeds our society. Energy is embedded in our lives and we live in symbiosis with it, sometimes not fully understanding the control we have over why, when and how we consume. Improved societal norms and routines can play a major role in changing energy consumption patterns. ENERGISE is a Horizon2020 project that specifically tackles the community weight on energy consumption. The main purpose of the project was to try and understand better the social and cultural factors of energy use, demonstrating the significance of using social sciences as a ground for evidence-based policy making in the energy sector.


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Project Benefits

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Citizen empowerment


Keywords: Energy Culture, Sustainable Consumption, Active Citizenship

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