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ESTFEED: How can smart meter data lead to more consumer-centric services and lower prices?

Estfeed is a platform for energy service providers to access consumer smart meter data in a legal and highly secure way based on end-consumer consent in order to integrate retail markets, offer new smart services and lower costs

Data – and especially big data – is considered the crude oil of the 21st century. However, it is almost invisible for the most of us, it has become the most precious resource despite being abundant worldwide. Every single tool from the smallest gadget in the household to enormous industrial equipment collects tons of data every day. But this resource is only precious if it is convertible to useful information and compatible with other sources of data upon which smarter decisions could be made. For example, to choose services according to personal needs or to change behaviour and lower energy costs according to more data about personal consumption patterns.


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Project Benefits

  • Efficient business models and market designs
  • Reduced energy bills

Keywords: Consumer in the centre, smart meter data, integration of energy markets

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