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INSPIRE-Grid: Bridging the trust gap between powerline operators and citizens


Project Benefits at a glance 

  • Social acceptance
  • Enhanced stakeholder participation


Keywords: powerlines, stakeholder engagement, co-decision making

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The INSPIRE-Grid project helps citizens engage in the energy system of the future to reach consensus on how to expand electricity grid infrastructure while also safeguarding the environment.

Power lines are a familiar sight in European landscapes, so familiar that we hardly notice them anymore unless they are built in our backyard. But who draws the route of power lines? How is their construction decided? Multiple voices want to make themselves heard, including local inhabitants (who may not like the towers in their backyards or too near to where they live); policy-makers at local, regional and national level (who may need to establish the right rules, for example, for the payment of the land which the  towers use); environment protection associations (who may not want the towers to go through protected nature areas) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) who build and operate the high-voltage power lines (who search for highest operational quality). How do you ensure that all voices are heard, while not making the planning and approval process drag on for years or even decades?


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