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Integrid: Empowering energy consumers

DSOs as a neutral, active market facilitator and a key enabler bridging the gap between citizens, technologies and solutions providers in the energy sector

We live in a world where carbon neutral energy consumption is becoming ever more important. However, many of us are not likely to change our energy behaviour to reduce our CO2 footprint at the price of lower comfort in living, mobility, and all digitalisation advantages. Hence, there is a strong need to rapidly transition into cleaner energy sources and to maximize their impact in the system through the innovation of the energy transport and distribution system, to the Smart Grid and beyond.

For an efficient and successful energy transition, one of the main requirements is that consumers understand and play their central role. Energy users won’t just be simple electricity, gas or heat consumers anymore but “prosumers”: they participate with their own energy generation, and provide the system operators with data and information regarding their own consumption. Data Management, Flexibility and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are pivotal for the Smart Grid development, and are also the focus of the InteGrid project.

How to bridge the gap between citizens and technology through Distribution System Operators (DSOs)?


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Project Benefits

  • More efficient management of the distribution grid
  • Enhanced distribution grid reliability and resilience in a context of high penetration of renewables
  • New energy services and business models


Keywords: DSO; DER; Flexibility; Disruptive Business Models

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