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INTERFLEX: Reversing energy perspective, consumers first

Interflex reveals how a local flexible energy market can benefit customers, environment, and retailers

Over the last decades, widespread deployment of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles and storage technologies are radically changing the one-way production-to-consumption concept of the electrical grid. Customers can now be actively involved in the electricity grid strategy of the future by producing their own energy (with e.g. solar panels) and consuming it themselves (making them “prosumers”). They can also save the energy in batteries making them independent from energy taken from the grid. However, these changes make the work of the energy system operators, such as Distribution System Operators (DSO), a little more complex and challenging…


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Project Benefits

• Improved network management.
• Decreased carbon emissions
• Efficient business models & market design.
• Economic profit
• Decreased network costs.
• Improved social acceptance


Keywords: Flexibility market; ICT; DSO; demand response; customer engagement; end users;

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