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INVADE: Integrated electric vehicles and batteries to empower distributed and centralised storage in distribution grids

Project Benefits at a glance 

• Improved network management
• Reduced energy bills
• Decreased network costs
• Efficient business models and market


Keywords: Smart grids, EVs, smart charging, grid flexibility

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The goal of the Horizon 2020 project INVADE is to greatly speed up the energy transition process by using today’s technologies to solve the energy system challenges of tomorrow.
The increasing advancement of distributed renewables in Europe comes with a set of challenges for today’s electrical infrastructure. In fact, renewable energy sources are typically intermittent: the electrical energy they produce is not continuously available since it derives from non-stored, volatile generating sources (e.g. wind, sun, etc.) that vary in their conditions on a fairly short time scale. Given the imbalance between renewable power generation and demand on the grid, increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the European energetic system requires a higher degree of resilience and flexibility from the current grid.