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LEAFS: How to enable citizens to take an active role in the energy market?


The LEAFS project wants to make citizens more involved in Europe’s Energy Transition by establishing new ways of interacting with the energy market and grid operators.

The consumer’s behaviour regarding their own energy needs will change in the future. Energy users won’t just be simple electricity, gas or heat consumers anymore but “prosumers” who produce energy through, for example, photovoltaic panels (a.k.a: solar panels) installed on or around their houses and using innovative equipment such as heat pumps, energy storage devices (i.e: batteries) and electric vehicles that will interact with the energy market through different pricing mechanisms such as time variable tariffs. This can create new business models and bring additional economic benefits to the newly empowered energy consumer, but how does one become a fully-fledged “prosumer”?


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Project Benefits at a glance

  • Increase of the % of integration of renewables
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Decrease of energy cost
  • Self-consumption

Keywords: community storage, PV, market services

More info at: Austrian Institute of Technology