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SMART GRID GOTLAND: Developing the electricity grid for a sustainable society

The Smart Grid Gotland project wants to make the most of Gotland’s wind power production, with the help from consumers and smart grid technology.

In the past fifty years the way we produce and consume electricity has changed dramatically. European city population density has risen, increasing the energy consumption per subscriber and per square meter. The number of coal and nuclear power plants has been reduced while more and more renewable distributed energy sources – i.e. small production units, like household solar panels, have been developed allowing consumers to produce their own clean electricity. The grid which distributes the electricity towards consumers has to deal with these increased needs of the decentralised power production as well as with the increasing demand from the growing cities. The challenge across Europe therefore is to modernise the power grid, preferably without incurring massive extra costs on the consumers and users of the grid to make up for it.


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Project Benefits

• Improvement of the management of the grid
• Decreased carbon emission
• Decreased Network costs
• Reduced energy bills

Keywords: Smart Grids, Wind Power, Customer participation
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