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SMART SYNERGY: Measuring the impact of smart meters on consumers

The Smart Synergy project was launched to pilot smart metering roll out and obtain practical experiences on operating the power grid both from the suppliers’ and users’ side.

In recent years, smart meters have become commonplace in homes and properties across Europe. By allowing energy consumers and suppliers to have immediate access to their consumption data, smart meters have proven to be a fundamental element of the energy transition and a necessity in the energy landscape of the future. Smart meters encourage and facilitate the active participation of the consumer in the energy retail market, which opens up unprecedented possibilities for consumers to directly control and manage their individual consumption patterns. In turn, this provides strong incentives for efficient energy use. For example, smart metering facilitates the penetration of energy from renewable sources into the grid, by allowing consumers – citizens and companies alike – to buy electricity at competitive prices. An increase in energy from renewable sources in the grid leads to a decrease in price and smooths out peaks in the energy consumption.


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Project Benefits

• Improved social acceptance
• Reduced energy bills

Keywords: Smart grid, energy retail market, consumer attitude.

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