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SmartNet project: Smart ways for a flexible energy system

Back-up batteries of telecommunication towers and smart ways of heating pools can provide much needed flexibility to the energy system in order to enable integration of more renewable energy sources.

The European electricity system is in transition. The traditional, centralized power generation scheme with controllable hydro, coal, gas or nuclear plants is in transition to a decentralized one, where sources of energy are much more scattered. This trend brings the issue of energy storage into the scope, because consumers may want to use surplus energy generated by their photovoltaic rooftops on a sunny day at night for charging their electrical vehicles. Batteries and other types of energy storage can support the stability of power grids in the near future.



Project Benefits

• Reduced energy bills
• Decreased carbon emissions
• Efficient business models & market design


Keywords: renewable energy sources, flexibility, security of supply, prosumers

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