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Underground Sun Storage: Storing sunshine through hydrogen

The Underground Sun Storage project uses renewable hydrogen to integrate wind and solar energy

In the last years, the rapid decline in the cost of renewable power generation technologies has allowed the electricity sector to make substantial progress towards decarbonisation. Since the electricity grid cannot store energy, the operators have to adjust generation precisely to demand. All this has shed light on the significant potential, and the crucial importance, of energy storage to facilitate deep decarbonisation.

Different technologies answer different needs. Today, pumped hydro storage, hydrogen and battery storage are the most used technologies to balance supply and demand and provide more stability to the power grid. On the other hand, some solutions are needed to store energy during a long period of time. So, what if another innovative, promising solution to this issue is on the way?



Project Benefits

  • Renewable energy becomes storable
  • Sustainable use of existing infrastructure
  • Potential for renewable gas generation


Keywords: Power-to-gas, Energy storage, Hydrogen

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