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Thursday. 16 July 2020

ETIP SNET and ISGAN launch questionnaire on Regulatory Experimenting & Regulatory Sandboxes

As part of their commitment to raise awareness of the innovation needs of the energy system and help foster collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst their stakeholders,  ETIP SNET (lead by the NCSG) and ISGAN annex 7 invite sector stakeholders to take part in a collaborative action on Experimental Sandboxes.

When developing new solutions for tackling the climate crisis, innovators in the energy transition often encounter regulatory barriers. In order to resolve the discrepancy between necessary innovations and appropriate legal and regulatory framework conditions, supportive policy measures are required. New approaches such as regulatory experimenting (also called regulatory sandboxes) are becoming increasingly prevalent.

In 2019, the IEA International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) published its Casebook on innovative regulatory approaches with a focus on regulatory sandbox initiatives to speed up energy innovation and smart grid deployment. It aims to provide an international overview of regulatory sandbox instruments and in-depth case studies of planned or implemented programmes in 7 countries (AU, AT, DE, IT, NL, UK, US). The Casebook is available here.

Currently, ETIP SNET is working in collaboration with ISGAN Annex 7 on a questionnaire that continues their work on regulatory experimenting by broadening its scope as well as aiming to provide inputs for an update of existing case studies with activities and learnings from the past year.

This new edition has special interest in the results of the programme, looking for key learnings on the programme execution and changes in the regulation resulting from the experimentation phase. The results of this survey will be presented in a webinar in September (more information to follow in the coming weeks).

ETIP SNET stakeholders are warmly welcome to participate in the questionnaire, accessible here.

For the purposes of this work,  regulatory experimenting and regulatory sandboxes are considered to be an instrument that grants exemptions from regulation to trial new solutions (e.g. in the form of pilot or demonstration projects) and/or test new regulation in a real-life context, which require some kind of changes/adaptations/ exemptions from current rules and provisions.

This survey is structured in 4 parts:

  • Introduction
  • Programme for Regulatory Sandbox / Regulatory Experimenting
  • Governance of programmes for regulatory experimenting / sandboxes
  • Experiments and project results

Your participation will be invaluable to the further analysis of innovative regulatory approaches and regulatory experiments for energy system transformation and smart grid deployment.

Thank you for your participation!

On behalf of the ETIP SNET team and ISGAN Annex 7

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