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Friday. 05 October 2018

ETIP SNET travels to Helsinki to foster a common Vision for a European Energy Transition

ETIP SNET which prioritizes research and innovation in smart networks and sector coupling, has just launched its second full tour of Europe with regional workshops taking place in 4 different European cities. Top European energy transition actors have gathered in Helsinki for the second of these meetings.

Helsinki, 3-4 October 2018, experts from across Europe met at ETIP SNET’s second of four regional workshops taking place in 2018. They discussed about on-going local and national projects in smart energy networks. The regional workshops help to raise international awareness of national energy transition projects within the EU and build on each other’s successes across borders.

ETIP SNET guides European R&I activities in the area of Smart Energy Networks. This covers areas such as power system management, storage and interface to other networks as heating, gas or transport networks, flexible generation, digitalisation of the power system, and customer involvement. Each ETIP SNET workshop covers a different set of countries, aiming to build a complete picture about ongoing research and innovation in Europe.

Hosted by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland , the workshop gathered representatives from outstanding national projects from ETIP SNET’s northern region, including: InteGER (Norway), Sello Smart Energy System (Finland), Neocarbon Energy (Finland), Platform for Flexibility Services Project (Estonia) and TAKE-5 (Finland).

ETIP SNET Vice-Chair Maher Chebbo was a keynote speaker at the event and took the opportunity to present the platform’s recently launched special report “Vision 2050” which aims for:

A low-carbon, secure, reliable, resilient, accessible, cost-efficient, and market-based pan-European integrated energy system supplying the entire society and paving the way for a fully carbon-neutral circular economy by the year 2050, while maintaining and extending global industrial leadership in energy systems during the energy transition.

Also present at the Helsinki workshop was Alesandra Kronberga, Policy Officer at Directorate General for Energy at the European Commission who said:

“The two-day event of the ETIP SNET was an excellent occasion to reflect about #Vison2050 in practical terms and to see how expertise within the region is complementary and reinforcing – an excellent basis for further strengthening of co-operation links.

The projects presented impressed not only in scientific and technical terms, but also from human perspective. Indeed, the great projects become reality only when passionate researchers and businessmen manage to reach out to citizens.”

Organizer Kari Maki from VTT also commented:

”The Nordic ETIP SNET workshop offered excellent two days. Full room of leading experts, interesting presentations and further discussions during breaks and dinner. The program was well aligned following the ETIP SNET structure, supported by experiences from national projects. Lot of concrete examples were presented. While it was very valuable event for exchanging ideas and experiences, it also supported ETIP SNET further work.”

ETIP SNET will continue its 2018 workshop tour at the following dates and places:

  • 11-12 October, Brussels: Central Region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) with a keynote from ETIP SNET Vice-Chair Guido Guida.
  • 22-23 November, Madrid: Western Region (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK), with a keynote from ETIP SNET Vice-Chair Maher Chebbo.


More information about the workshops:


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