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Monday. 18 September 2017

ETIP SNET’s Tour of Europe: Energy Transition in practice

ETIP SNET which prioritizes research and innovation in smart networks and sector coupling, is launching a full tour of Europe with regional workshops in 4 different European cities. Aachen, Lisbon, Larnaca, Riga will be centres of attention of European actors of the energy transition within the next 4 months.

Over 400 experts from across Europe are expected to meet and debate at four regional workshops about on-going local and national projects in smart energy networks. The regional workshops help projects be aware of and build on each other across borders, with increased flexibility of the electric system in order to integrate fluctuating renewables being one focus of projects across all regions.

ETIP SNET guides European R&I activities in the area of Smart Energy Networks. This covers areas such as power system management, storage and interface to other networks as heating, gas or transport networks, flexible generation, digitalisation of the power system, and customer involvement

Each of the four regions covers a different set of countries, aiming to build a complete picture about ongoing research and innovation in Europe. The regions covered and the dates of these workshops are:

  • 18-19 September, Aachen: Central Region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), with a keynote from ETIP SNET Chair Konstantin Staschus;
  • 28-29 September, Lisbon: Western Region (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK), with a keynote from ETIP SNET Vice Chair Thierry Le Boucher;
  • 23-24 November, Larnaca, Cyprus: South-eastern Region (Italy, Slovenia, Malta, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus), with a keynote from ETIP SNET Vice Chair Nikos Hatziargyriou;
  • 7-8 December, Riga, Latvia: Northern Region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), with a keynote from ETIP SNET Chair Konstantin Staschus.

More information about the workshops:


About the ETIP SNET

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) role is to guide research, development and innovation to support Europe’s energy transition with innovation for the transmission and distribution systems. These systems form the technical and market platforms where clean electricity generation, empowered customers, storage technologies, smarter grids and interfaces to gas, heat and transport networks make the energy transition happen in secure and affordable ways.
Contact: Marie Latour ; ; Tel: +32 (0) 2 513 81 22


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