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Wednesday. 20 February 2019

March 14: European and International Stakeholders Workshop – High level talks among energy systems related initiatives


Thursday, 14 March 2019


This workshop covers four main objectives:

  • To gather the experts and stakeholders of the energy systems to discuss the achievements and challenges of the integration of the electricity networks with other energy carriers (gas, heating, cooling, water, transport etc.), to enhance the synergies in view of an overall optimisation and an acceleration of the decarbonisation process.
  • To initiate a constructive debate among the industrial actors, the research community and the public authorities to identify (and possibly agree on) strategic priorities at the light of the work already in progress within the different initiatives.
  • To give insightful inspiration to all initiatives involved, with regard to the directions to be taken to accelerate the clean energy transition through integration, circularity, digitalisation and decentralisation, as put forward in the ETIP SNET Vision 2050. It will highlight collaboration needs among stakeholders and contribute to construct the sectors Roadmaps.
  • Present the ETIP SNET’s new report “Synergies and complementarities of European and International Initiatives towards Energy Transition” on this occasion.


The ETIP SNET has issued the document “Vision 2050 – Integrating Smart Networks for the Energy Transition: Serving Society and Protecting the Environment”, which considers the long term development towards a full decarbonisation of the energy system in 2050 by digitalization and coupling of all energy carriers. This vision will be the common background around which to develop the workshop discussions.

The players of these high level talks are the European technologies and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) of the SET Plan as well as PPPs, with particular reference to those that deal with more closely to the integration (e.g. SNET, RHC, SCC, Biofuels, PV, Wind, Ocean energy, DHC, Geothermal, H2 etc.) as well as innovation initiatives at European level (Set Plan IWGs, PPPs, EERA, ERANet etc.) and international institutions and initiatives (IEA, Mission Innovation).

Roundtable discussions

After introducing the ETIP SNET Vision, and the visions from other key sectors, the participants will be split in several parallel round tables ,

The four round tables are:

    1. TECHNOLOGIES AND TOOLS  – Interactive discussion forum on technologies for integration and flexibility (coupling, storage, generation, network flexibility, etc.)
    2. MARKET & REGULATION – Interactive discussion forum on regulatory innovation and tools, business models, remuneration, innovation benefits-beneficiaries

2.1 THE USER AT THE CENTER- Interactive discussion forum on business models, decentralisation, sharing economy of energy, subsidiarity

2.2 DIGITALISATION – Interactive discussion forum on the use and impact of digital technologies, risks and opportunities


Agenda & Registration link: Download the agenda here.

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