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Regulation for Innovation Series

Regulatory Innovation Zones for Smart Energy Networks

14 Sep 2018 @ 12:30 – 14:00 CEST – WEBINAR COURSE (in collaboration with Leonardo Energy) 

Missed the webinar? You can view a recording of it HERE

European RD&I Demonstration activities related to smart grids are key to test and validate the functionalities of new products and services in controlled but real environment. However, being the grid sector regulated the development and validation of innovative solutions is often slowed down.

Energy Transition needs innovation acceleration. Many of the changes needed are related to evolving relationship between the different energy stakeholders. Two main drivers foster innovation in the energy sector: demonstration and regulation. Demonstration enables to test new products and services in real environment, to fine-tune them and to measure their real impact; regulation defines the framework and the technical and economic relations between the different agents operating in the energy sector.

In this context, Regulatory Innovation Zones for Smart Energy Networks (or “Innovation Sandboxes”) are an opportunity to close that gap, speeding-up market uptake, while enabling European Regulatory Bodies to test various temporary schemes and mechanisms without modifying the regulatory framework.

During the webinar, organized with the ETIP SNET National Stakeholders Coordination Group (NSCG) (, we will learn how three member states regulators are implementing this SandBox methodology and some supported projects:

Webinar agenda:

  1. ETIP SNET & NSCG – Introduction. Michael Huebner, ETIP SNET NSCG Chair
  2. Webinar introduction and goals. Fernando García, ETIP SNET NSCG Co-Chair
  3. Innovation Link, UK. Kirk, Head of Ofgem Innovation Link Service
  4. Experiment Article, Netherlands. Elbert Jan Van Veldhuizen, ACM
  5. Sinteg, Germany. Karl Waninger, FZ-Juelich
  6. Q&A. Fernando Nuno Copper Alliance.