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ETIP SNET Governance

In order to have a wide representation of stakeholders and offer agile and efficient operation of ETIP SNET, the platform is organised as follows:

- The Governing Board steers the platform where stakeholder associations send representatives

- Working Groups are open for experts to participate and provide input to the Governing Board

- A National Stakeholders Coordination Group to liaise with various national actors.


The ETIP gathers a wide range of stakeholders which are to contribute to the Energy Transition:

- Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
- Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
- National representatives
- Research & Academia
- Storage (technology and services providers)
- Consumers (aggregated and not aggregated)
- Thermal Generation (flexible)
- Information and Communication Technology & Network providers
- Equipment manufacturers and suppliers
- Renewable Energy Sources Generation
- Interface to Other Energy Carriers (Heat, Transport, Gas, …)
- Regulators*
* Participation on an ah hoc basis

Governing Board

The current Governing Board is composed by the following representatives:


Konstantin Staschus, ENTSO-E
Carlo Sabelli, ENTSO-E
Vicente Gonzalez, ENTSO-E

Yannick Jacquemart, ENTSO-E


Nikos Hatziargyriou, EDSO For Smart Grids
Martin Walther, CEDEC
Venizelos Efthymiou, EURELECTRIC
Jonathan Hallinder, GEODE

Member States

Michael Hübner, Austrian Ministry
Annabelle Furstenau, German Federal Ministry
Cédric Thoma, French Ministry

Research & Academia

Luciano Martini, EERA
Johan Driesen, EUA – EPUE
Werner Friedl, EUREC

Storage (technology and services providers)

Thierry Le Boucher, EASE
Francesco Gattiglio, EUROBAT
Ralf Grether, HEA

Consumers (aggregated and not aggregated)

Jessica Strombäck, SEDC
2 pending representatives to be appointed

Thermal Generation (flexible)

Emmanouil Kakaras, EPPSA

Ilari Kallio, COGEN & EUGINE

Michael Ladwig, EUTurbines

Charles Davis, COGEN & ETN

ICT & Network solutions providers

Maher Chebbo, ESMIG
Miguel Angel Sánchez Fornié, EUTC
1 pending representative to be appointed

Equipment Manufacturers & suppliers

Jacques Goudeau, Europacable
Sigrid Linher, Orgalime
Jochen Kreusel, T&D Europe

Renewable Energy Sources

Ruggero Bertani, Deep Geothermal TP - EGEC
Alexandre Roesch, ETIP Photovoltaics
Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, ETIP RES Heating and Cooling
Aidan Cronin, ETIP Wind

Sector Interface (Heat, Transport, Gas,…)

Ingo Wagner, Euro Heat & Power
Tim Cayford, EUROGAS
Marieke Reijalt, European Hydrogen Association

Executive Committee

The ETIP gathers a wide range of stakeholders which contribute to the Energy Transition:

Chairman: Konstantin Staschus, ENTSO-E

Vice-chairman: Thierry Le Boucher, EASE

Vice-chairman: Nikos Hatziargyriou, EDSO For Smart Grids


WG1 Chair: Vicente Gonzalez, REE - ENTSO-E 

WG2 Chair: Cristiana La Marca, ENEL

WG3 Chair: Michael Ladwig, EUTurbines 

WG4 Chair: Maher Chebbo, ESMIG 

WG5 Chair: Emmanouil Kakaras, EPPSA 

National Stakeholders Coordination Group: Michael Huebner, Austrian Ministry

Terms of Reference