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Wednesday. 09 June 2021

ISGAN Annex 6 & ETIP SNET WG1 Task Force on Flexibility for Resilience workshop

The ongoing collaboration between ISGAN Annex 6 & ETIP SNET WG1 on the topic of Flexibility for Resilience is gaining momentum with a dual workshop held on the 1st of June 2021.

The workshops, divided into two parts, involved a large amount of interaction and engagement, gathering a total of 40 participants from ETIP  SNET and ISGAN.

Presentations at the workshops provided multifaceted views, from the international work of CIGRE, the overall System Operation and TSO perspectives, to the DSO and Local energy community perspectives. A large number of relevant projects and solutions were presented, including OneNet, iFlex, Platone, Coordinent, FlexPlan, CINELDI, OSMOSE, Flextranstore, BD4NRG, X-FLEX, LINK Holistic perspective & Inertia monitoring for system state observability.

A conclusion from the workshops is that many of the ongoing projects are providing highly relevant knowledge to the question of How flexibility can support power grid resilience. Some of the mentioned solutions include:

  • system protection schemes (e.g. islanding, congestion mitigation)
  • situational awareness / system state observability
  • cybersecurity highlighted by common platforms/data sharing with AI/ML solutions

Furthermore, standardisation of solutions (architecture, tools, platforms) is an important step to be taken to increase reliability & acceptance in order for large scale deployment.


We would like to thank all participants, with a special thanks to the presenters:

  • Rajiv Porwal, POSOCO
  • Zivorad Serafimoski, Mepso
  • Emre Zengin, Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
  • Steven Wong, NRCan
  • Antonio Iliceto, Terna
  • Ewa Mataczyńska, IPE
  • Albana Ilo, Tu Wien
  • Jan-Hendrik Ernst, Reactive-Technologies
  • Poria Divshali, Enerim
  • José Pablo Chaves Ávila, Comillas
  • Ilaria Losa, RSE
  • Santiago Gallego, Iberdrola
  • David Martin, Iberdrola
  • Gianluigi Migliavacca, RSE
  • Hanne Sæle, SINTEF
  • Nuno Souza e Silva, R&D Nester
  • Lola Alacreu García, ETRA

The workshop was organised by Irina Oleinikova & Emil Hillberg.

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