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Presentation of Recent and Ongoing R&I Projects in the Scope of the ETIP SNET

The 10-year R&I roadmap will be updated by 2020 to define the R&I activities planned for the period 2021-2030. In order to do this, a thorough assessment of recent and ongoing R&I projects contributing to the activities planned within the roadmap is to be done. This is the purpose of the “monitoring activity” carried out by ETIP SNET.

The present report contributes to the monitoring activity by analysing and disseminating R&I projects’ results lying in the ETIP SNET scope. It has been elaborated following a survey conducted towards 250+ projects, amongst which 121 projects have contributed: 43 of them are co-funded by FP7 or Horizon 2020 and 78 are funded through other instruments, in general at national or regional level.

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Digitalization of the Energy System and Customer Participation

The objective of the technical report “Digitalization of the Energy System and Customer Participation” is to address the use and impact of Information and Communication Technologies as a pervasive tool along the entire value chain of the power generation, transportation and use, and mainly on enabling customer participation.

The summary document presents the main conclusions and recommendations, drawn from the technical paper, to energy stakeholders that may be less concerned with the technical specifications mentioned in the former.

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Download the full technical report

ETIP SNET Position on Missions for Horizon Europe

The current EU proposed Missions for Horizon Europe do not include Energy. This omission creates a risk of not prioritising future research needed to meet the Paris agreement targets. We are asking the members of the Council and the European Parliament to include Energy and Decarbonisation among the themes of the first missions that will be adopted at the end 2018-early 2019.


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ETIP SNET VISION 2050 – Integrating Smart Networks for the Energy Transition: Serving Society and Protecting the Environment

The ETIP SNET Vision for 2050 is:

A low-carbon, secure, reliable, resilient, accessible, cost-efficient, and market-based pan-European integrated energy system supplying the whole economy and paving the way for a fully CO2-neutral and circular economy by the year 2050, while maintaining and extending global industrial leadership in energy systems during the energy transition.


Available online HERE

ETIP SNET Annual Report 2017

This annual report summarizes the ETIP SNET’s internal organisation and main achievements in 2017.

Download the report HERE.

Minutes of ETIP SNET Regional Workshops 2017

The workshops were organised for 2017 according to the schedule presented below:

  • Regional Workshop 1 – Location: Aachen (Germany) 18-19 September 2017
  • Regional Workshop 2 – Location: Lisbon (Portugal) 28-29 September 2017
  • Regional Workshop 3 – Location: Nicosia (Cyprus) 23-24 November 2017
  • Regional Workshop 4 – Location Riga (Latvia) 7-8 December 2017

Download  minutes of all workshops HERE

ETIP SNET Implementation Plan 2017-2020

The ETIP SNET IP 17-20  aims at listing the short-term priorities for research and innovation (R&I) in relation with Smart Networks for the Energy Transition. The Implementation Plan is based upon the ETIP-SNET R&I roadmap 2017-2026 (published in January 2017) which specifies the long-term R&I targets for the evolution of the European energy system. You can download the ETIP SNET IP 17-20 and accompanying briefing here below:

ETIP SNET Implementation Plan 2017-2020

ETIP-SNET IP 17-20 Briefing

ETIP SNET Public Consultation IP17-20 – Assessment of comments

Final 10-year ETIP SNET R&I roadmap covering 2017-26

The new 10 year ETIP SNET Research & Innovation Roadmap 2017-26 provides a System view of the entire energy transition. It addresses a scope larger than smart electricity grids by encompassing interactions with the gas and heat networks and focuses on integration of all flexibility solutions into the power system, including energy storage technologies.

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ETIP SNET – Technologies and methods for making Europe´s energy transition a success

The new ETIP SNET brochure provides a general overview of our mission, organisation and how to get involved.

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