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Implementation Plan Online Consultation


Your views on the draft IP are important to us!

The consultation should take no longer than an hour to complete depending on the number of topics you want to address (39 topics classified in 4 parts). The ETIP SNET  Secretariat will review all the feedback gathered and submit it to the ETIP SNET Governing Board for approval prior to the publication of the final IP in September.

How do I participate? 

Step one: Download and read the draft Implementation Plan 2017-2020 HERE

Step two: Download and read the questionnaire HERE to prepare for the online consultation

Step three: Go to the online consultation HERE


The public consultation is a Google Forms questionnaire. Please note that you cannot save your inputs while filling in the four different parts. However, you can provide your inputs for a selected number of topics and resubmit new inputs for other topics later on.

As indicated in the questionnaire (cf. step two), for each topic, you should answer two generic questions:

  • Do you confirm the importance and urgency of the topic?
  • Do you suggest modifications to its description?

For each part you should answer the following question;

  • Topics that would deserve to be added in your views?


Should you have any question please contact us by mail: 

ETIP SNET welcomes your feedback on the draft Implementation Plan 2017- 2020 (IP 17-20) until 10 August 2017.


The ETIP SNET IP 17-20 aims at listing the short-term priorities for research and innovation (R&I) in relation with Smart Networks for the Energy Transition. The Implementation Plan is based upon the ETIP-SNET R&I roadmap 2017-2026 (published in January 2017) which specifies the long-term R&I targets for the evolution of the European energy system.

The consultation encourages feedback from all stakeholders involved in the transition of the energy system in Europe, so as to ensure that forthcoming RD&I priorities are funded according to the sectors needs in the coming years.

The draft IP 2017-2020 currently includes a number of RD&I topics clustered according to the  ETIP SNET Roadmap structure and then broken down into functional objectives.