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Riga Workshop Presentations

You can download the following presentations from the Riga Workshop:


Attendance List

Minutes and Conclusions


3. Introductory speech: for an Innovative and Successful European Energy Transition – Konstantin Staschus

4. R&I Activities on Smart Grids and Energy Storage Financed by the EC – Aleksandra Kronberga

5. Introduction to R&I Activities in the Scope of the ETIP SNET, Presentation of the R&I 2016-2025 Roadmap – Eric Peirano

Session 1

1. WG1 Reliable, Economic and Efficient Smart Grid System – Anna Kulmala

2. The FlexNett Project – Bernt Bremdal

3. StronGrid Smart Transmission Grids Operation and Control – Anna Mutule

4. Project Response on Improved Modelling of Electric Loads for Enabling Demand Response by Applying Physical and Data-driven Models – Anna Kulmala

Session 2

1. WG2 Storage Technologies and Sector Interfaces – Cristina Gomez Simon

2. SOEC Upgraded Biogas Project – John Hansen

3. The HydroBalance Project – Michael Belsnes

4. The Multi-Objective Role of Battery Energy Storage in the Energy System – Ville Tikka

5. The High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage Project – Eva Lauritsen

Session 3

1. WG3 Flexible Generation – Eric Peirano

2. Flexible Use of Biomass on PF Power Plants – Peter Jensen

3. VaGe – Improving the Value of Variable and Uncertain Power Generation in Energy Systems – Juha Kiviluoma

4. Flex4RES – Flexibility for Variable Renewable Energy Integration in the Nordic Energy System – Dagnija Blumberga

Session 4

1. Digitisation of Energy Systems and Customer Participation – George Huitema

2. Estfeed Project – Kaija Valdmaa

3. ISHMAG Project – William Throndsen

4. The Digitalisation of the Vidiskiai Transformer Substation – Audrius Baranauskas


The 2-day workshop included:

  • A presentation of the ETIP SNET organization and activities by ETIP SNET representatives;
  • A presentation of the recently adopted ETIP SNET 2016-2025 R&I roadmap;
  • 4 main panel sessions corresponding to ETIP SNET Working Groups’ scopes, dedicated to the presentation of the outcomes and findings of mature national and regional RD&I projects, highlighting their successes and challenges;
  • Roundtables stimulating cross-project discussion, exchange of experience and best practices and identification of existing barriers.