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Wednesday. 11 May 2022

Register for the 14th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop

Last days to register to the European Technology & Innovation Platform Smart Network for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) for its 14th Regional Workshop as part of its mission of guiding Research and Innovation activities to support Europe’s energy transition.

DO NOT MISS the opportunity to join the 14th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop on Wednesday 1st of June (11:30 am – 4 pm CEST) that will take place in Brussels in hybrid format (Physical participation is highly advised).

The overall purpose of this event is to learn more about national and regional research, development and innovation (RDI) and how and if they are aligned to the RDI activities on the EU level and, specifically, to the ones identified in the ETIP SNET Implementation Plan 2022-2025 and that will be the base of the High Levell Use Cases in the updated ETIP SNET Roadmap, expected at the end of 2022.

To that end, the ETIP SNET invited the representatives of national and regional funding and support programmes from Central Europe (Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia) that will meet and discuss together with the EC and European Associations about RDI priorities and next funding programmes the day before the Workshop.

The outcomes of this meeting will be reported during the Regional Workshop on 1st June and will be followed by three-panel sessions where EU and national projects will be presented along with the ETIP SNET’s High-Level Use Cases (HLUCs) to identify the gaps – if any – and the needs of stakeholders.

The Workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn about R&I projects around Europe and contribute to the identification of R&I gaps, challenges and priorities.

Interested in joining?

Are you a representative of a university, technology centre, energy utility, distribution or transmission system operator, technology or service provider, funding authority, national or regional ministry, regulator, national or regional technology platform?

Are you active in the field of Smart Grids and integrated Smart Energy Systems & Markets? Storage and conversion among energy carriers? Interfaces between electricity and heat, cooling, gas and transport? Digitisation? Flexible thermal and renewable generation? Flexible energy consumption? Prosumer and customer participation?

Please fill in the following registration form by 16th May 2022.

You can now check out the Draft Agenda HERE

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