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Tuesday. 24 August 2021

Register to EERA JP HYDRO & HYDROPOWER EUROPE Joint Event: Sustainability and acceptability of hydropower as part of the clean energy transition

Hydro Power Europe invites you to register for the “Sustainability and the acceptability of hydropower as part of the clean energy transition” event hosted jointly with EERA JP HYDRO on 2nd September at 9.30 (CET).

Held in the frame of the EUSEW 2021 Sustainable Energy Days, the session will show how pumped and storage hydropower can address environmental and social issues more sustainably and contribute to the cost-effective integration of variable renewables and assurance of the security of supply.

The main goal of the Sustainable Energy Day session is to address hydro-generated environmental and social impacts and to underline hydropower’s role in the sustainable energy transition. To achieve common climate goals, storage hydropower and pumped-storage hydropower shall play an essential role in balancing variable renewable energy sources and to ensure reliability of the electricity supply.

To demonstrate that hydro has a place within the SET-Plan, the session shall involve policy-makers, the energy sector players and environmental organisations in discussions about successful case studies provided by hydropower as well as with a wider audience working on the transition towards a clean energy society.

The session will start with a brief introduction followed by keynote speakers. The panel discussion will be initiated and moderated by the experts on the topic. The interactive elements include voting options to foster the interactivity of the event in general and the panel discussion in particular. During the keynotes and the debate, the audience will be encouraged to give input through interactive polls, commenting, and asking questions.

The speakers will present the following topics:

  • Berit Köhler, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway: Social acceptance of hydropower in the clean energy transition
  • Agnès Barillier, EDF, France: Aligning hydropower and environmental issues – some examples of successful practice
  • Staffan Lundstrom, Lulea University, Sweden: Mitigation of environmental impact for flexible hydropower
  • Nuno Portal, EDP Produção, Portugal: Sustainability challenges in hydropower projects: past, present and future

To register to the event please click HERE


About Sustainable Energy Days

Sustainable Energy Days are digital activities and events organised by local public and private organisations across Europe to promote clean energy and energy efficiency. They are a key component of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

Sustainable Energy Days take place throughout Europe, in cities and local communities during the months of September and October.

To find other Sustainable Energy Days visit:



HYDROPOWER-EUROPE is built on the ambition to achieve a research and innovation agenda and a technology roadmap for the hydropower sector, based on the synthesis of technical fora and transparent public debates through a forum that gathers all relevant stakeholders of the hydropower sector.

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The Joint Programme Hydropower aims to facilitate a new role for hydropower as enabler for the renewable energy system by aligning and targeting research efforts in Europe. Thematically, the JP Hydropower spans the entire energy chain from water catchment to system integration, and it includes cross-cutting elements such as markets and market design as well as environmental impacts, effects of climate change and policy and societal issues.

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