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Wednesday. 10 June 2020

Watch the ETIP SNET webinar on “Sector Coupling – concepts, potentials and barriers”

The ETIP SNET Working Group 1 on Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid system held the webinar  “Sector Coupling  –  concepts, potentials and barriers” on the 24th June 2020 at 10.30 ā€“ 12.00. Registration is free!


  • A comprehensive overview on concepts & definitions setting an overarching frame for assessing sector coupling initiatives
  • An unbiased description of state-of-the-art & development potentials of Power-to-X technologies and processes
  • ETIP SNET and the role of WG1; White Papers on Sector Coupling
  • Why sector coupling?
  • Framing and conceptual components of sector coupling
  • Power to Heat & Cooling, to ElectroMobility, to Gas&Fuels
  • Take aways on perspectives and assessment criteria


Watch the webinar in full here:



Webinar slides can be downloaded HERE 


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