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Tuesday. 21 November 2017

REGISTER for Interactive workshop HORIZON 2030: Technologies at the Centre of the Energy Transition – Rome, 6 December 2017

All studies nowadays converge on the necessity of an integrated approach towards the energy system to reach to targets of limiting climate changes while ensuring the security and quality of supply and offering the user the possibilities to actively engage and contribute to a liquid, accessible and inclusive marketplace.

On the occasion of the presentation to the Italian public of the IEA yearly publication “Energy Technologies Perspectives 2017” (ETP2017), this interactive workshop will engage stakeholders in a route of discussion contributing to the vision for the European energy integrated networks of the future decades.

Among the collaborative tools of the Energy Union, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET), addresses the research and development needs towards the goals of a sustainable, secure and participative European energy system. ETIP SNET is drafting a Vision towards 2030-2040 to give a framework to the R&D roadmap recently published.

The present workshop moves from the challenging development scenarios of ETP2017 to contribute to the discussions leading to the future ETIP SNET vision, by means of an interactive dialogue with stakeholders, that will include lively debate and discussions with key international and European collaborative initiatives (such as EERA – the European Energy research Alliance, Mission Innovation, and the IEA Technical Collaboration programs), on-line polls and interventions from the technologies providers and network operators.

The Agenda can be downloaded here 

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