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Monday. 27 July 2020

Watch and download the presentations of the ETIP SNET WG 1, WG 2 and WG 3 webinars

During the month of June the ETIP SNET Working Group 1 on “Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid system”, Working Group 2 on “Storage, Technology, Markets and Economics”  and Working Group 3 on “Flexible Generation” held webinars related to their most recent activities. You can now watch them online and download the presentations.

Watch the ETIP SNET WG1 webinar on “Sector Coupling – concepts, potentials and barriers”

Watch the ETIP SNET WG2 webinar on “Storage, Technology, Markets and Economics”

Watch the ETIP SNET WG3 webinar on “Flexible generation in a low-carbon RES dominated energy system”


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